Content Marketing is Your Best Weapon for SEO

By Ozer Dolekoglu on Oct 16 2014

As the concept of content marketing has started to catch on with those selling goods and services, it has quickly become obvious that this strategy for catching the eye of consumers must first grab the attention of the most popular search engines in order to be most effective. Making a video, white paper or blog post that is more SEO-friendly can make a big difference in the ultimate success or failure of almost any marketing campaign.

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Fierce Competition

With about 2 million blog posts written every 24 hours and 93% of companies using some form of content marketing, it’s clear that there are plenty of competitors out there, looking for ways to draw eyes to their site. The trick to winning this battle for attention lies in providing consumers with the absolute best content available. If people can see that you are giving them top-quality content, they’re more inclined to trust in you and to buy from you.

In fact, some 99% of buyers indicated that they used online content in order to make a purchasing decision and 27% said that it has a major impact on what they buy in the end. 88% of American shoppers now research products online before they make a buy, leading to the inevitable conclusion that offering informative and well-presented marketing content on whatever you are selling is becoming an imperative for business success.

Search Engines & Social Media

The undisputed leader in search engines, Google uses algorithms Social Media’s Impact on Search Engine Rankingsin order to scan the internet and return the best content available. Algorithms work to lower the rankings of those sites that are guilty of keyword-spamming, illegitimate links and non-local or weak content. Even better, as Google and other search engines improve on their systems for locating high-quality content, they will likely learn to recognize even more types of content, for more variety and better access to information.

Those who can score a solid following on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ may find that their search engine rankings are actually tied to their popularity on these social media sites. Posts can get attention from not only your followers, but from anyone looking for the topic in a search engine at the moment as well.

The future for marketing content is set to focus on those sites that feature schema markup and faster mobile page speed as mobile traffic begins to bypass computer traffic on the top search engines. Here is a detailed infographic which explains “Why content for SEO?”.

Content Marleting For SEO