How To Thaw Out The Blog Post Idea Freeze

By Ozer Dolekoglu on Oct 28 2014

Write a blogYou’ve been blogging along, turning out content that glimmers like gold. You have fresh ideas that flow like water off the Niagara. And then, one day you get ready to post a blog and it’s like your blog idea bank has run into zero degree weather and become…frozen. What do you do when that happens? Does it spell the end? The answer is found in tapping into some winning idea sources, many of which you would think of on your own if not for that shiver-me-timbers wintry frost. Following are some ideas that will help you get to blogging along again in no time.

Reviews and Opinions

People always want to know how a product performs, whether a book is worthy of a read, whether a website is worth clicking onto. You can offer your opinion or review and give another business a boost, or a boo. Checking out a website and reviewing it can be a great start. There are also book and product reviews. You can use words or a title along the lines of, “Why I Love”, “Why I Don’t Like” to signal that a review is to follow. Your language should share the good, great, wonderful; or the bad, unpleasantness or faults of whatever you are reviewing. By giving a review, you can signal a good experience to come; or warn others to avoid something. Others will appreciate the heads-up either way.

Share Your Mea Culpas

MistakesYour honest sharing of your fault or error can save someone else from the same fall. When you write about the faults you made, you become human and more personal to readers. People will connect with you as a member of the human race, rather than as some perfect blogging machine. You could go personal with something like, “The 3 Mistakes That I Made That Turned Into a Learning Experience” or “What Happened When I Veered Off Path” You can also share business mistakes, education mistakes, etc. Save your more perfect, excellent self for your resume.

Top Lists

You can use your blog to share some premium products, blogs, shows, travel sites, destinations, etc. People love lists. If you provide one for them, you save them from going through a slush pile. Consider a list such as, “The Top Las Vegas Shows to See” or “The Top 5 Christmas Toys to Buy


ComparisonThere are endless ways to share the similarities and differences between two things. Doing it on a blog post is an excellent idea. You could compare a book with the movie version, compare internet services like e-commerce systems. The possibilities go on and on. When comparing products, think about what features are different. Take into consideration cost, benefits, how user friendly it is. Examining the other comparisons and make a list of them is a good blog post idea too. 

Interview Someone

Interview someone of interest and write a blog post about it. You could include an author, a playwright, someone who won an award or others. By sharing the details people crave to know, you will give them content that they can enjoy, while providing an unknown some needed exposure. We made some interviews for our blog.

Use Internet Services

There are some fun services like “Blog Topic Generator“, “Content Idea Generator” and more. And here is a template for proven blog post titles


As the blog post freeze thaws, the results can be that a better, more varied blogger emerges. Before long you will find out that you are blogging away again and gaining blog followers like never before. Don’t let a temporary freeze of ideas get you down, you just needed a nudge to defrost and resume doing what you love in new and more enticing ways.

Here is a great infographic for you to find a fresh blog post idea:

Blog Post Ideas Infographic