5 Killer Strategies to Dominate Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

By Ozer Dolekoglu on Nov 04 2014

One of the most effective ways to gain strength in your marketing campaign is through the use of popular social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Due to the tough competition to be noticed, it can be hard for newcomers to make a name for themselves on these sites, but if you’re willing to put a little time and effort into it, social media can have a huge impact on your business.  The following five very smart strategies are proven winners to help you get to the top of the heap all the faster.


1. Improve Your Social Reach

Use cover and profile pictures in imaginative ways, place appropriate keywords throughout your titles and tags and engage with those you follow and those who follow you.  Keep your profiles up-to-date and place conveniently located buttons in your content in order to encourage others to share your stuff with their audience. 

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2. Increase Fan Engagement

It helps to produce some content that is purely creative and non-commercial, as well as to keep your posts and videos genuine and relevant to your keywords and products.  Make sure that you post on a regular basis and look for ways to draw your audience in with contests or by giving them a place to make suggestions for new content, services or products. 

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3. Identify & Engage Influencers

Use available external influencer identification tools in order to find those top users and marketers who can help you spread your voice.  Make it clear that you would like to work with them and that you are willing to reward their participation in your campaign through the offer of valuable coupons, sneak previews and special offers.   


4. Increase Lead Generation

By actively monitoring your own social media accounts as well as those of your competitors, you can cull new ideas and create content that is more useful to your audience.   That way, you can also make smart adjustments to the products and services you’re promoting based on the comments and complaints of your actual customer base.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

5. Apply Analytics To Know What Works

Use analytical tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Pixability Online Video Grader to discover what type of content works best for you.  They can help you see how much your fan base has grown, as well as the effectiveness of a particular campaign in driving traffic and generating leads for your business.

Here is a great infographic which is covering these strategies: