Visual Storytelling

By Ozer Dolekoglu on Nov 11 2014

Videos and Photos = Storytelling Gold

By all indications, telling the story of a brand is best accomplished with using photos and videos. Of all possible brand story-telling strategies used on Facebook by the top 10 brands, the most engagement comes as a result of videos and photos.  Text updates are not as well liked as photos. In fact, pictures are liked twice as often as text messages. Videos enjoy 12 times more shares than text and links put together. In a world with heavy social media emphasis, photos and videos are gold.

To illustrate this point, Facebook is shown to have reached about 100 million users in four years;  while the photo-rich site known as Instagram is on pace to outdistance that reach. 100 million users are taking social action on videos on a weekly basis.


It’s all about the genius of visual storytelling. Brands could not help but notice that thepeople are obsessed with sharing photographs online. Even the sitting President Barack Obama joined the parade of Instagram users in January 2012. In that same year, one month later, over 700 YouTube videos were shared on Twitter each minute. In March, when Facebook launched it’s timeline feature, it provided users with the capability to emphasize storytelling by using videos and photographs. Two months later, Tumblr‘s storyboard provided the same opportunity.

Mobile apps with photo and video capabilities also brought about explosive growth in this arena. To cite an example, Foursquare‘s mobile app generated millions of photo uploads in it’s first week.

Anyone still living in a cave or stranded on an island may not know about the way storytelling through videos and photos has provided a way for brands to be more fully present for viewers. For those pitiful few, they may have to play catch-up when they crawl back to join the masses of humanity. Hopefully they will bring a camera with uploading capabilities along with them or put it on the top of their list.

Check out our Visual Customer Service blog post for more. Here is a great infographic which proves “imagery rules social media”:

Visual StoryTelling