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6 People You Need for Successful Content Marketing

Firms are often getting their hiring priorities wrong. Here are 6 people you need to form your content marketing team and the roles and responsibilities they play.


There are six different types of people whom you will definitely need to build your content marketing team


How To Write Online Content Like A Best-Selling Publisher

Content marketing seems to be the perfect combination between the two, but they are fundamentally different. If you wish to convey effective content marketing, you have to learn the differences and think like a publisher.

How To Market Your Content Like a Publisher


Knowing the Difference between Publishers and Marketers

Marketers often pursue short-term goals, such as increasing sales by 23% next quarter, or raising web traffic by 35% within the six months’ time.


How To Write Content that Converts: A Content Strategy

9 out of 10 marketers place content marketing as the top priority in reaching their consumers. Yet interestingly, one-third of the marketers do no have a strategy to guide them. To emerge from all the marketing noise, you have got to do the “Content Marketing” right.

Content MarketingAccording to a study by Salesforce, 77% of the buyers are now requesting content at each stage of their research. They predicted that in marketers be starting to create content specifically for each stage of their funnel.What is then surprising, is that one-third of the marketers do not have a strategy to guide them. Without a sound content strategy, your content will get lost in the clutter. (more…)

5 Reasons Your Awesome Content Isn’t Going Viral

Can’t quite seem to gather the attention your cleverly-crafted content deserves? Here are five reasons why your awesome content is not being shared by your readers.


1. Lack of Emotional Appeal

People share emotionally charged content – and positive emotions tend to fare better than negative ones; such as humor, amazement, interest. You have to consider the emotional factors affecting virality – speed of emotional activation, level of interest and content length.

How To Make Your Content More Emotionally Charged:
  • Using Headlines To Grab Their Attention
  • A Fresh Perspective
  • Write like you speak
  • Knowing your audience’s “pain points”