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10 Ways to Improve Page Views & Reduce Bounce Rate on your Blog [#Infographic]

Holding visitors’ attention to read more content and to show more engagement is one of the main goals for any blogger. If we can keep visitors on our site with engaging content, then it is one of the reasons behind a successful blog. But, it is always frustrating to see a high bounce rate. You may even write lengthy articles and even update the site frequently. But, why do you get such a high number for your bounce rate? In simple words, why do your visitors tend to leave before they read your posts?

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12 Principles Of Content Creation

Customers are people with questions. Repeat–customers are people with questions that you need to be in a position to answer. When you become a top-of-mind company with content that answers vital questions on the minds of your customers, you have entered the arena of the useful and valuable. You become the go-to place. Following are some must-dos when it comes to serving customers.

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10 Inspiring Content Marketing Quotes From the Experts

As 2014 comes to an end it’s  time to look back at the past year and reveal the lessons we’ve learned. Quotes from the experts are the most inspiring way to learn. Our first content marketing quotes post was a blast, thanks to all our sharing and caring visitors. We’ve put together another list of 10 content marketing quotes for you, from the top  marketers around the world.  Here are 10 of them will inspire, move forward and revitalize you and your business. Please share, tweet and show your passion of content.

10 Content Marketing Quotes


A Guide To Content Marketing

It seems that marketing has gone the way of content. Studies show that marketers spend 25% of their budget on content marketing. In fact, it shows itself to be both the game changer today and the future top of mind marketing strategy. In one survey, 80% of participants believed that customized content should be a key component of marketing. When it comes to content,  websites that are content-led are considered to be the preferred way to engage customers, according to 37% of survey participants.

Of companies that use content marketing, around 67% of them outsource their content marketing to others. About 80% of people indicate that they discover the particulars about a company through content marketing.

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