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Visual Storytelling

Videos and Photos = Storytelling Gold

By all indications, telling the story of a brand is best accomplished with using photos and videos. Of all possible brand story-telling strategies used on Facebook by the top 10 brands, the most engagement comes as a result of videos and photos.  Text updates are not as well liked as photos. In fact, pictures are liked twice as often as text messages. Videos enjoy 12 times more shares than text and links put together. In a world with heavy social media emphasis, photos and videos are gold.

To illustrate this point, Facebook is shown to have reached about 100 million users in four years;  while the photo-rich site known as Instagram is on pace to outdistance that reach. 100 million users are taking social action on videos on a weekly basis.

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5 Killer Strategies to Dominate Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

One of the most effective ways to gain strength in your marketing campaign is through the use of popular social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Due to the tough competition to be noticed, it can be hard for newcomers to make a name for themselves on these sites, but if you’re willing to put a little time and effort into it, social media can have a huge impact on your business.  The following five very smart strategies are proven winners to help you get to the top of the heap all the faster.

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How To Thaw Out The Blog Post Idea Freeze

Write a blogYou’ve been blogging along, turning out content that glimmers like gold. You have fresh ideas that flow like water off the Niagara. And then, one day you get ready to post a blog and it’s like your blog idea bank has run into zero degree weather and become…frozen. What do you do when that happens? Does it spell the end? The answer is found in tapping into some winning idea sources, many of which you would think of on your own if not for that shiver-me-timbers wintry frost. Following are some ideas that will help you get to blogging along again in no time.


Content Marketing is Your Best Weapon for SEO

As the concept of content marketing has started to catch on with those selling goods and services, it has quickly become obvious that this strategy for catching the eye of consumers must first grab the attention of the most popular search engines in order to be most effective. Making a video, white paper or blog post that is more SEO-friendly can make a big difference in the ultimate success or failure of almost any marketing campaign.

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