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Landing Pages For Content Marketing

These days, content marketing can be one of the most effective marketing tools available to those who are hoping to get the word out about their product or services. The key to putting together a winning strategy using this type of marketing lies in creating content that is valuable and that brings it’s audience back to your business again and again. Developing a following through the production of helpful webinars and informative white pages can have a substantial impact on whether or not a website ultimately succeeds or fails. Focus on content but don’t forget marketing. Being informative and helpful is the core of content marketing. The goal is to get a consumer of your content to take another step toward becoming a customer.  Laser targeted landing pages improve conversion rate, enable your lead to become a customer and resolve any concerns they may have about becoming a customer.

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10 Inspiring Content Marketing Quotes

We write all about content marketing on our blog. Tips, tricks, case studies, technics etc. But sometimes, you read a simple sentence that beautifully clear all questions in your head. So, we have put together 10 inspiring quotes about the importance of content marketing.

Content Marketing Quote


Why we did choose content marketing besides traditional marketing

We never planned to use traditional marketing strategies for Limk. Actually, we always thought the traditional marketing channels were old fashioned, boring, and useless for our service. We’re in the content business. Our users/clients are content creators, and so are their readers. Content marketing is the best method for us and for all internet services businesses. Why? Because it’s authentic, helpful, and informative for people .We all crave happy users/customers, and creating compelling content is the key for that.

Yesterday’s marketers were trying to get peoples’ attention through TV, print ads, banners, pop-ups, direct emailing and self-advertising websites. Content marketers surround people with knowledge, all visual and informative videos, continuous support and entertaining pieces of content.

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How to Marry Art and Science for Content Marketing Success

Combining art and science is at the center of good content marketing. While the right side of the brain will have the drive to create art, the left side of the brain is towards strategies to make you are content more successful. Without the two your content would fall short. While art appeals to the emotions; science involves strategy. Your brain will process visual information faster than analytical data; but you’ll need the facts to help you figure out what works.

Art + Science = Wonder